Evolution is Stupid!

"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." -Romans 1:22

Evolution makes no sense at all. I just don't see how any intelligent person could believe such nonsense. I mean, have you ever seen an ape that could be taught to do algebra? No! Other than the most basic skills (which a dog can also be taught), an ape does not have the capacity to learn anywhere near the human level. Apes are dumb! You can say a dog is smart (and it might be), but it can't logic like a human being can.

Furthermore, if we evolved from a lower species, then why is it that the apes didn't evolve in the evolutionary process? Come on folks, you don't need a PHD (post hole digger) to figure this out. Where are all those half man/half ape fossils which should be abundant in the earth's soil layers? They don't exist. This is what is known as the "missing link" by evolutionists. Notice that I didn't call them "scientists" because there is NOTHING scientific about evolution. Science by it's very definition means "the study of." To "study" something, it must be observable. Not only is evolution not observable, it is not testable or repeatable in a lab. Do you realize that evolutionists CANNOT display even ONE single proof of evolution...NOT ONE! Dinosaur fossils don't prove anything except that they existed. Whether dinosaurs existed in Biblical times or during a pre-Adamic period is debatable amongst theologians. Many preachers believe that Lucifer operated a kingdom upon the earth prior to Genesis 1:2. The Bible does support this theory with credible evidence. This is commonly known as the "gap theory." Regardless, the fact that dinosaurs once inhabited this earth adds no credibility to the THEORY of evolution.

Evolution is for stupid people, stupid because they refuse to acknowledge the Word of God in their life. There is NO WAY you can believe the Bible and evolution. But you say, "what about 'theistic evolution' where God created everything and then allowed it to evolve? I'm glad you asked. There is no such teaching found in the Bible. Genesis chapter one is very clear that God created this earth as we know it today in 6 days. "IF" there was a pre-Adamic creation, it was destroyed according to Genesis 1:2. I won't be dogmatic as to whether or not there was a pre-Adamic time period, but the Bible is certainly dogmatic that all life on this earth today was created within the six days of creation. The Bible is very accurate in it's chronology. The Bible dates itself from creation up until the end of the Old Testament. The Bible dates creation at approximately 4,000 B.C. This means that all life on earth today was created about 6,000 years ago! There was no evolutionary process! There is nothing to prove the THEORY of evolution (and that's all evolution really is...a bogus theory).

The fact that the "theory" of evolution is missing a critical link (the "missing link") should speak volumes as to the credibility of such a wild theory. The "missing link" is the Neanderthal man (the ape man). There is simply NO evidence of such theories. The few skeletal remains which have been dug up and claimed to be prehistoric could easily be the fossil remains of modern men. Bone structure also varies from one ethnic background to another. It is very possible to dig up a skeleton with more rounded bones (which is more common in African anatomy). This is NO evidence of evolution, but of variances in human anatomy. East Asian people (such as China) have very unique facial features which are more pronounced. Evolutionists have not discovered a Neanderthal man! You can believe anything if you repeat it to yourself long enough. Many people want to believe evolution because it relives them of the horrifying possibility that there might actually be a holy God watching how we live. Whether you believe there is a God or not, the thought of both possibilities is very freighting. I believe in God.

Even today, this world is filled with simple one-cell structured living organisms. Why didn't they evolve? Furthermore, if evolution were true, then you would think that different groups of animals could naturally breed. A horse and a giraffe cannot breed offspring. A cat and a dog cannot breed offspring. Only through modern genetic DNA tampering can scientists play God and create monsters. Do a web search under "spider goats" if you want to be freaked out. Then read up on "Frankenfoods." Agricultural scientists have created potatoes that produce their own internal pesticides from silk moth DNA genetically placed into the potatoes. The moths die when they eat the potatoes...yummy. Do you know what you're eating? The same is true of genetically altered corn.

There is a God! How do I know? Simply because He lives in my heart. At age 12, I was receptive to the Holy Spirit's conviction in my heart that I needed to get saved. I willingly accepted Christ as my personal Saviour. I hadn't had my faith shaken yet by some godless teacher or professor. I thank God that I trusted Jesus. I had faith in God as a teenager back then and I still have faith in God as an adult today. I thank God I was saved at an early age before the pride of life blinded me. You see, as adults we tend to become proud and stubborn, Satan blinds our minds with worldly thinking (2nd Corinthians 4:4). It is people's sinful pride and love for sin that hinders them from being saved (John 3:20). More people will probably burn in hell because of stubborn pride than anything else.

I am older and wiser today. I think for myself. I refuse to vote Democrat or Republican...it's all an evil bipartisan conspiracy which is destroying America. There's not a dime's difference between the parties anyway. I'll vote for the Constitutional party. At least I can look at myself in the mirror. People say, but you'll waste your vote. Yeah, if I vote Republican or Democrat I will. I think for myself. I think this drug-dealing government needs to be cleaned up. I think the Federal Reserve needs to be abolished. I think property taxes are wrong and unconstitutional. I think America should control it's own national parks and not the United Nations. I think we should fight for our First Amendment rights which we're quickly losing. I think for myself. I just don't see any credibility to the THEORY of evolution. Give me some proof and I'll believe it.

On the contrary, thousands upon thousands of scrolls of the Bible have been discovered throughout the holy land. They all agree with each other. The Bible and history accurately coincide. How could one book written by 40 men over a 1,500 year time period be so accurate. Most of those men didn't know each other. The Bible is a perfectly interlocking prophetic puzzle, a masterpiece of literature. Further, the Bible is the ONLY book on the face of this earth which addresses the sinfulness of mankind and our need for a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. It's been said that man wouldn't write the Bible if he could, and couldn't if he would. There is no book which even compares. The Qur'an contains NO prophecy. The Qur'an is obviously biased against Christians and Jews. The Word of God is not biased against anyone.

Evolution is in direct opposition to the Bible. To claim to believe in God and evolution is tragic. How can you profess faith in God, but not His divine Word? If you claim to believe in God but not the Bible, then I seriously question the identity of your god. The New Age movement has their own god, but it is not the Lord Jesus Christ. The Islamic Muslims claim to believe in Allah (god), but it is not the Lord Jesus Christ. You see my friend, you have to have faith in the true and living God. Having faith in God is only good if it's faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive your sins. James 2:19 tells us that the devils believe in God. Big deal, many unsaved people believe in God! Have you ever realized that you were a sinner, bound for an eternal hell without Christ? Did you call upon the name of Jesus to forgive those sins and save your soul from hell? If not, please do so now and don't wait another minute. Don't risk spending an eternity in the lake of fire. You've got nothing to lose, salvation is a free gift from God...paid for by the precious blood of Jesus.